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Hi Lee,

WOW WOW WOW! We looked through the photographs last night, and watched the slideshow (which was an amazing surprise – you choreographed the photos – how did you do that???) and I (Elizabeth) have been looking through some of them again this morning. You’re one talented guy Lee, – there are some absolutely fantastic shots in there, and the presentation box and the hard copies of photos and everything is phenomenal. We’ve noticed you’ve also been really generous giving us LOADS of images to choose from – thank you! We are looking forward to creating large prints/collages etc to put up on the wall, and also sharing them with others. The ones ‘against the wall’ where I’m looking up at Simon I adore, as well as the ones in our back garden, actually there are also others, but I have to stop somewhere! 🙂

The hot weather really did play against us, and because we had to improvise, there were some shots we just didn’t ask for, plus we opted to have the rock choir, which the guests raved about, but again that split the party to those in, and those outside. Simon had been kicking himself since the wedding day, as he realised that he hadn’t asked for shots of people on his parents side, as they tended to be sat out of the way in the shade (whereas my family and friends were all up and in the middle of it all-typical). And this divide is reflected in the photographs. We remembered you saying that you hated people asking you about photographs after the event, and we didn’t want to be one of those people, but *deep breath* here goes…… Did you get any others of people sat outside? We have to ask, even if you say no., and we suspect you will, but at least we’ve asked. We’ve also asked the guests for their photos too in the hope they have taken photos amongst themselves.

Please don’t let this question detract from the fabulous photos you sent through – they are AMAZING and we can’t wait to share them with everyone!

Elizabeth & Simon xxx

Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire Wedding

We got married on Saturday and were initially interested in Lee as our photographer due to the copious amount of positive reviews and impressive portfolio. Upon meeting him we booked him the same day as he was JUST what we were looking for- funny and sociable, with an obvious eye for a good shot.
Now, I’m naturally a bit of an awkward soul and the thought of having multiple photos taken filled me with unease, but Lee just had a way about him and genuinely added so much to the morning of getting ready. My family loved him!
Over the day we had various people asking how we knew Lee as we were so relaxed with him and I think that that’s part of his charm- he is a real people person who does his job well whilst making people smile- and then capturing that smile!
Couldn’t recommend enough! xxx

Saint Mary’s Church Hinckley Wedding followed by Badgers Mount Reception

Lee photographed our wedding last Saturday- I’m writing this review without having seen any pictures.. THAT’S how confident I am that they will blow our minds!!
From the moment we met Lee, we could tell he was going to be the perfect mix or talent and fun.
On our wedding day Lee walked into the apartment where my bridesmaids and I were getting ready and instantly made us all laugh and put us at ease. He is able to read a situation and a person expertly and knew just what he needed to do to get people relaxed, involved and smiling. Even my 94 year old Gran wanted more of him! She asked more than once who our lovely friend was… and that’s the thing with Lee, whilst doing his job he managed to make it look like he was one of our lifelong friends. Numerous people came and asked us how we knew him and commented on how funny, friendly and relaxed he was… this chilled out, happy energy was perfect for our wedding and everyone fed off his perfect vibe.
I am absolutely sure that Lee got all the shots we wanted and I know that they will be phenomenal because he made us all feel phenomenal. I really don’t like pictures, and yet not once did my new husband or I feel like we were awkward or staged or like we had had enough.
We can’t wait to see his pictures after having loved the “Lee Experience” so much.
If you’re looking for a photographer who really knows his stuff but is also a pretty excellent human with amazing people skills then Lee is the one for you. You’ll know when you meet him and you’ll want him to be your friend… and so will your Gran! 🤣
We cannot recommend Lee Glasgow Photography enough… but that’s enough gushing 🙈 Thank you Lee from the bottom of our hearts xxx Vicki and Dale xxx

Summer Wedding at Bridge House Barn, Wistow- giant tipis

We were privileged to have Lee photograph our Wedding yesterday. He is absolutely amazing full of fun and laughter and our guests loved him. He was snapping away all day with a great mix of natural un the moment shots, he was absolutely focused on ensuring we had an amazing day whist ensuring he captured all the key moments, yes he’s a fruit cake so he fitted right in with our guests.

Thank you for sharing our day

Helen Round and Martin Saunders

Kilworth House Leicestershire

Kilworth House, spring wedding.

He has created life long memories of a very special nature. Almost every guest commented on our excellent choice and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone,

I cannot praise Lee enough as our wedding photographer
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