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How you could have a “Royal” wedding on a budget

Article by Lee Glasgow

The world is following every detail of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that took place on the 19th May. While a bride may feel the style and elegance of the big event are unmatchable, there are ways to incorporate ideas from the royal couple to add a bit of glamour and regality to your own wedding day even if you are budget conscious.

Select a Sentimental Chapel

Prince Harry and Ms. Markle exchanged vows at St. George’s Chapel on the property of Windsor Castle, picking it because it is where the prince was christened. A couple on a budget can pick a country chapel or a place that evokes sentiment. Perhaps, you can marry at the same place as parents or where one of you were christened.

Have a Day Wedding

The royal couple began their ceremony at noon. Having a day wedding allows for time to visit with guests afterward, as well as provide plenty of sunshine for gorgeous pictures. It can be more affordable as well.

Have a Smaller Wedding


The royal couple invited 600 guests, but they didn’t invite world leaders and stuck to a guest list that includes only those who have a personal relationship with them. You and your beloved can invoke the same principle by avoiding inviting those for business purposes and including only close family and friends.

Regarding invitations, the royal couple used paper die-stamped in gold and burnished. You can get that look much more affordably with a specialty paper stock and gold laser lettering. Instead of The Three Feather Badge of The Prince of Wales, you can put a monogram at the top.

Keep It Traditional

The Prince and Ms. Markel used traditional vows from the Series One (1966) Book of Common Prayer. This version drops the “obey” and “serve” elements from the bride’s vows. The royals incorporated military elements as the Prince has served. If one of you has military ties, consider doing something special to honour that tradition.

Spring Elements

The wedding cake and flowers are based on the spring themes. The cake has a lemon-elderberry flavour and the flowers are wildflowers. Ms. Markel included peonies in her bridal bouquet. All of these are affordable for other brides to include.

Incorporating simple royal elements into your wedding will enhance your ceremony and could make you feel royal on your special day. Of course you’ll want to cherish those memories forever, so why not book an experienced wedding photographer to ensure that the royality is captured professionally and whereby the photos will last a lifetime. With coverage of wedding photography across Warwickshire and Leicestershire, Lee Glasgow can ensure that your wedding photos have that special regal finish.