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Emma and Darren’s Stapleford Park Wedding, Melton Mowbray, Leiecstershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

This Wedding story Emma and Darren started for me when Wedding and Event organiser Carolyn Acton, invited myself to a meeting with the couple at Stapleford Park Hotel, and yes they chose myself to capture their wedding day! ! What a venue Stapleford Park Hotel is, it has all a wedding photographer needs to create some beautiful wedding images! The Gardens are perfect for exploring they also give the newlyweds a chance to have some space from the wedding party for a while, while creating some natural images! Emma and Darren are so lovely, I always make sure I look at each wedding and work out a flow, i’m a great believer in letting a wedding roll out, naturally, I don’t want a wedding to be about the photography, I want the wedding couple and guests to enjoy each others company, enjoy the wedding atmosphere and have a drink in their hands! By letting this process happen, they are more than happy to have some images, when the time comes! I like to work fast, so people are not hanging around in front of my ugly face! I’m so happy these wedding images are going to be traveling around the world with these newlyweds, they were a joy to capture and I simply love this set of images, so happy I was involved in this Leicestershire wedding at Stafford Park Hotel! Thank you Carolyn for not only introducing myself but also the Propstar Photobooth also a big shout out to Premier for the sound lighting and various other items that made this wedding a huge success. Emma and Darren, Thank you for your kind words after seeing your wedding images, but they are only as good as the ingredients presented, and boy did you, Carolyn and the staff at Stafford Park supply them, you were a pleasure to photograph, and I am looking forward to that cold beer with you, when you return to the UK.
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