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Alison And Richard ~Wedding at Mears Ashby Hall in Mears Ashby Northamptonshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

I photograph at many weddings, well you do as a wedding photographer ;@> Well this wedding was a little different, I was recommended by two of the couples close friends one of which I have photographed their wedding, so its so nice that they feel strongly enough to give their stamp of approval! Then there was the venue “Mears Ashby Hall” simply wow what a place, ill come back to this. The Wedding has a select number of guests! 40 in total! This wedding has all the ingredients for a relaxing beautiful day. But there is more, The Church is a stones throw away, in fact a two minute walk, all we needed was for the rain to move on, but it got the memo, so it was game on. So when I went for a walk outside and bumped into Thomas The Caterer I was Jumping for Joy, not only for the beautiful food but also for his way of working and his wonderful personality, he is one of those people that really has that little spark that makes everyone around relax, God I think I have a bromance going on! But seriously his food is more than good. Then Bird and the Badman Arrived, I had to pinch myself that may be just may be this would be the perfect wedding! It was like the coming together of friends. Ok Ok I suppose Id better talk about the couple, Well Alison and Richard were/are wonderful clients, they knew why they were marrying, they wanted an informal relaxed day, and apparently my cheeky relaxed photographic way, was what they wanted ! Yeaaaaa! There was no question that these two were madly in love, they wanted to share their day with their closest friends and family. Like many weddings, there was moments of reflection of family members that are no longer with us, and this was hard to watch and listen to, but was in itself a very special moment! The Newlyweds were really relaxed and it was great to be able to capture them relaxing in the morning at this stunning Northamptonshire Wedding Venue. The plan was to walk to the Mears Ashby Church, but the rain was having a different plan, the Bride was a little gutted, as was I really, as the Little walk looked so inviting. So As the wedding car pulled up ready to take Alison to be Married, the clouds dispersed and the sun came out, it was amazing as the bride was just stepping out of Mears Ashby Hall door when this happened, it added to the excitement and the walk was on! I made my way to the Church ahead only to be briefly greeted by the best man running the opposite way as he forgot the wedding rings, Yes !! I’ve wanted that to happen for years! As I was leaving their wedding to make my way home, they handed me a bottle of Gin as a thank you, can future wedding couples take note of this kind gesture please.