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Shannon and Sam’s Wedding at Iscoydpark, Shropshire.

Article by Lee Glasgow

Shannon and Sam’s Wedding at Iscoydpark, Shropshire. on the border of Wales.
All great photography relies on a number of ingredients coming together at the right time to produce natural beautiful memories.

Shannon and Sam’s Wedding at Iscoydpark had these ingredients in bucket loads for their wedding.

Shannon and Sam you smashed your wedding, how you welcomed myself and daniel to your wedding set the scene for an epic day. Thank you for trusting us, booking us and giving your mad guests a wedding they will remember for all the right reasons.

As for Iscoydpark wow wow wow, simply a perfect venue to host a stunning wedding.

Simply go through these images and see their expressions. They are filled with emotion, love and hysterics. All the ingredients I love at a Beautiful Wedding.

Working alongside my good friends always makes me smile.

Daniel Yates at


Lloyd Godsal at

and a huge High five to this beautiful venue and it’s wonderful Staff