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Kilworth house Leicestershire for Emma and Marc’s Emotional Wedding

Article by Lee Glasgow

In life beautiful people come along every now and again and restore your faith in us hairy little humans!All the way through the wedding process Emma was simply beautiful, I don’t mean in looks because her sister was much better looking, yet strangely single, I think her dad summed the situation up, as he said, “She is single because she never shuts up”.
Emma is an absolute Lady, well from my experience with her anyway, Im sure you can see in her images the absolute love these people have with each other!
When I photograph weddings like this, I truly believe I have won the lottery, I’m an emotional fool myself, and I’m clapping my hands like a seal when I see these emotions explode!
Emma & Marc chose Kilworth house in Leicestershire for they’re wedding adventure, Even Marc was a true Gentleman, the fact he was from Liverpool made this fact all the more amazing ;@>
To see the raw emotional look on the brides fathers face as he sees his daughter, transform from a bed head pj wearing girl, into a gorgeous (struggling for superlatives) stunning bride, made my heart melt!
Im so proud of this image, as i know this will be treasured by this wonderful family forever! Thank you Emma and Marc for putting your faith and more importantly money in me!
You deserve every happiness, work hard to keep your perfect love alive!
Lee Glasgow x

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