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Heidi and Daniel’s wedding at Rothley Court Hotel, Leicestershire.

Article by Lee Glasgow

Lordy Lordy Lordy, where does one start with the wedding of Heidi and Daniel. The sun made its first proper appearance of the year and it transformed the whole feel of this Leicestershire venue, Rothley Court.I was greeted by two beautiful angelic looking children, who then proceeded to use me as their punch buddy. As for the bride, Heidi, I’m pretty sure she was getting high on the emotions of the day as she was smiling from ear to ear and this lasted all day and night. Heidi invested so much into her wedding, the details she put together were absolutely beautiful, her table plan was so inventive, it had to have the award for the best I’ve ever seen! Heidi and Daniel, chose to have their wedding breakfast in Rothley Court’s Chapel and it looked simply beautiful! Daniel was the perfect Groom, he knew how important this day was for his family and he did everything possible in making this be the best day ever for his new gorgeous wife and his beautiful daughters. I could go on all night but I will only mention one more thing and that is to mention how stunning the hog roast was mmmmm i waited for that all day, In conclusion the wedding was about this loving family and I for one will miss my punch buddy.