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Kate and Andrew’s Wedding at Walton Hall, Warwickshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

Kate and Andrew Chose the wonderful venue of Walton Hall in Warwickshire, near Leamington Spa and Stratford upon Avon. I have come to know Kate and Andrew after I photographed Kate’s brothers wedding in Jamaica.I felt at home capturing their day as they were so nice and friendly, the whole family welcomed me to they’re wedding day, I have a lovely testimonial from them that I will share, when I pull my finger out! This was a traditional wedding, in stunning grounds and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph, Kate’s red hair and Andrews cheeky smiles along with the beautiful architecture helped make these images a collection I am proud of!

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470 Lee Glasgow Photography LX6A1170

594 Lee Glasgow Photography LX6A1550

598a Lee Glasgow Photography LX6A1560

618 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A1996

624 Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A2017

625 Lee Glasgow Photography LX6A1639