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Top 5 Wedding Moments You’ll Want Your Photographer to Capture

Article by Lee Glasgow

Every happy couple is excited to share their wedding day with their loved ones, and what better way to remember the day than to have a wedding photographer capture all the special moments. While most wedding photographers are trained to capture important highlights in the special day, you want to be sure that they capture the day exactly as you’d like. Here are the top five moments that you want to be sure your wedding photographer captures.

Bride Getting Ready

One of the more intimate moments of the wedding day is when the bride is getting ready with her bridesmaids. This will be the final time that the bride puts on her wedding dress before being married, and friends and family all come together to witness the bride and bridesmaids and share happy stories. There is no better time to capture natural smiles and tears. This is also an excellent time for candid pictures of little ones running around and people generally enjoying the day.

The I Do

Easily the most important part of the ceremony itself is when the couple finally says, “I do.” This is a perfect opportunity to get the entire wedding party in one picture in front of the alter, and naturally the couple exchanging their first kiss as husband and wife is an essential instance to capture. This is also an opportunity to get photos returning down the aisle as husband and wife.

Throwing the Bouquet

A centuries old English tradition, throwing the bouquet is said to bring luck to both the bride as well as whomever catches it. The women eagerly gather around, all hoping to be the lucky lady who catches the bunch of flowers, making this a fun and perfect time to capture.

First Dance

The couple’s first dance as husband and wife is always a show-stopper. Not only is this a great moment to capture the bride and groom, but it is also a great time to capture all of the wedding guests’ reactions to the first dance.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the wedding cake to share the first bite with each other is another iconic wedding tradition that every couple will definitely want captured. Depending on the bride and groom, the cake with either be shared gingerly, or stuffed into each other’s faces making for a fun photo.