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Creative wedding photography ideas for your wedding in Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

When planning your wedding in Leicestershire there are many considerations. There are some beautiful wedding venues that contain beautiful grounds which can only be captured in their true beauty by a professional wedding photographer.
Wedding photography isn’t as simple as taking a few snaps though, it’s about developing a style and capturing photos in a way that suits the personality of the couple. Here are a few ideas from previous weddings captured by Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography that will hopefully help you select a photography style for your big day.

Fun & Humour

Whilst your wedding is a serious day that you celebrate your love for each other, you shouldn’t shy away from a little bit of humour. In the following shots Lee Glasgow captures fun moments from various weddings in Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.


Many couples opt for a retro theme at their wedding, this can be anything from wartime wear through to scenery from yesteryear. Old style wedding photography can give your wedding an elegant and classy look, so be sure to talk to your wedding photographer about the options when it comes to props and poses. Here are a few of the retro photographs taken by Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography.

Photos of the children

When the family gets together it provides a great opportunity to dress the young guests up in adorable suits and dresses. Photos of the children and grandchildren will be cherished forever in your wedding photo album. Make sure you have a discussion with your wedding photographer about how they can capture the kids in their prime. Here are some beautiful photos of youngsters guests captured by Lee over the years.

Utilizing the grounds of the venue

Wherever you decide to get married, make sure you get some great snaps of the venue itself. A professional wedding photographer will have experience in getting shots from the right angles and including all the well known landmarks in the area. If your wedding venue has picturesque grounds then this will present the perfect opportunity for a romantic walk together. Whether it’s a church, a stately home or a beautiful garden, you will want to capture the moments forever in your wedding album. Talk with your wedding venue before hand about where the most popular spots are. Here are a few great examples of how Lee has managed to capture great venues across the Midlands.