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Zoe and Mick Hartshill Church Nuneaton Warwickshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

I often get asked, which is the best wedding I have ever been to, The honest answer is, there can not be an answer to this, If I was asked, which wedding had the most beautiful location, or which wedding was the most emotional, or which wedding speech was the best, I could answer these questions.
The best starting point for me, for a great wedding, is love and contentment from both the families.
Location and vast amounts of money do not make an amazing Wedding, there is a school of thought, that the more you things you put into a wedding, the more things you have to manage and worry about!

So what has all this got to do with Zoe and Mike’s Warwickshire Wedding

This Soon to be married couple, found my Wedding photography website on good old google Warwickshire search, The Brides excitement of having myself capture her wedding was both exciting and nervous in equal measure, every wedding is different and you never know what images you will capture until the wedding unfolds, I do like to get the odds in my favour where possible, What I loved about this couple, is they trusted my advice and we found a wedding flow, that not only made the day more relaxing but made the wedding day more exciting and certainly helped us to create beautiful images that would have otherwise been impossible.

In the morning I shared my time between the Bride and Grooms house, which worked out perfectly as they were getting ready close by in Warwickshire.

It was then off to Hartshill church also in Warwickshire, which I absolutely loved, the frontage of this Church was simply stunning as you can see on the Images.

The Vicar of the Church was fab, when I introduced myself she gave me warnings of how to conduct myself as she has had some bad experiences with photographers in the past, I bet her that she would not even notice me, to which she laughed! After the Wedding Ceremony, She came up to me and asked if I could photograph all Weddings there, Yeaaaa!

After A few little family shots in front of the amazing Church doorway, most of the Wedding guests headed for the Reception venue, (Attleborough social club) While a select few went to some local woods for images, I’m so glad we did as the images were simply beautiful, if I do say so myself !

It was then off the Attleborough social Club in Warwickshire, for pie and mash for their wedding breakfast, not any old pie and mash, this one, was to die for! My concerns about what kind of images were put to bed when I saw a room full of candelabras and the bride’s attention to detail!

The newlyweds had such a lovely way about them, The Bride (Zoe) was totally nuts but so bloody lovely and they were both so utterly in love, Mick the Groom is such a lovely man. As for her son what an absolute legend, such a well-mannered youngster, an absolute credit to them. The Wedding night finished off with a full dance floor, which is always a great to leave a wedding, knowing that the wedding party is having a great time! This Wedding is up there with “weddings I will remember”, they did not spend crazy money (I’m guessing) yet pulled off a stunning wedding mixed with the right blend of Love and Fun. Hi five you two, you smashed it!