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Wedding of Donna and Neil at Rothley Court Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

It has been some time I have Blogged, due to a crazy year of weddings, so here we go, I have so many weddings to share with you,
So onto Donna and Neil’s wedding at Rothley Court in Leicestershire.

I have know Donna for many years as she was the next door neighbour of my wife, also her son was born on the same day as our daughter! Soooooo onto their Leicestershire Wedding. It was such a pleasure to capture this beautiful family, to watch the beautiful Children (the ones that are taller than me) Transform into their wedding attire was wonderful! I felt a little bit of pressure as always but this wedding was personal. We started off at their family home and as always the search was on for little photographic locations and pockets of light! As for the ingredients, well the family are bloody good looking, so there is the first tick, I just have to capture them looking relaxed in decent light. The wedding ceremony and reception was at Rothley Court in the heart of the East Midlands Leicestershire. The Bride “Donna” was perfect to capture as was the Groom “Neil” The Brief for me was to capture their wedding in a natural way, with a few formal images! I love this little set and I know If I love them, I’m pretty confident the Newly weds will as well! As the Wedding day progressed it had a nice little flow to it, mainly because of their relaxed informal approach! I stole the couple for about 15 minute as I can bore myself in that time, and it wouldn’t be fair to put a the new Bride and Groom through it! It was lovely to catch up with some past friends and capture images of their new families! I loved documenting this wedding, so many lovely faces helping my to capture the essence of the Bride and Grooms perfect Wedding day.