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Stacey & Dominic Hothorpe Hall, Woodlands Wedding, Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

It’s with a smile, I look through these Wedding images, for a number of reasons, firstly the young newlywed’s, they really enjoyed their wedding day they just wanted to have fun and enjoy the wedding that they planned and put together, they chose the stunning woodlands wedding venue at Hothorpe, they even had their beautiful dog attend during part of the day! I used my new Fuji XT2 cameras for this wedding and it was liberating carrying only half the weight around, I was like a child with a new toy. I was back at the lovely Hothorpe, in the Woodlands Wedding venue to be precise, I feel so welcome here, I love the staff as they always make me feel part of the team, we have lots of banter and I always arrive with a smile on my face! To be honest there is a number of fab venue’s If you are thinking of getting married have a chat with me, as Wedding venues mean different things to different couples. Then there was my mate Daniel who was capturing this couples day on film, Daniel Yates Films, in the lonely world of running your own small business, its nice to have people that you can trust 100% and you can also have a real laugh with, Daniel is one of these people! If I wasn’t married to my beautiful Lisa, I think i would marry him! I will leave that there! Then to top it all the wonderful Matt was in charge of the entertainment, I recommend Matt a lot as he is a true professional Dance Floor Djs-events, he knows his business unlike myself that couldn’t tell you one single in the charts! It’s fair to say the weather started a little wet, but as the wedding went on the sky cleared, so we could make use of the wonderful woodlands, Stacy and Dominic were a fantastic couple, they had the one quality I believe all wedding couples should have, which is simply contentment ! With this comes fun and a really enjoyment for the day ahead! I believe if you aim for perfection then you will always be in danger of feeing disappointed ! A Wedding is simply about people relaxing, If you are thinking of getting married, lets talk over a coffee, even if you decide I’m not the person for you, you will go away with a whole new mindset of how to approach your wedding day!