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Simon and Julie’s Wedding at Mythe Barn in Warwickshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

Final Wedding of 2015 takes me to Breedon on the hill in Leicestershire to the beautiful church of Church of St Mary and St Hardulph,What an impressive location for a Church, albeit open to the element, this gives it a really atmospheric feeling of being alive, especially when that winter wind blows up you trowser leg! Julie and Simon entrusted myself to capture their wedding day, I met both Julie and Simon at my Photography studio in Hinckley, and thought “im not sure if Simon liked me!” so when they booked, I was pleasantly surprised, as their wedding played out it became apparent that Simon was like this with everyone, he has the worlds best poker face! His Best man explained to the wedding party, how “Simon was odd, to say the least”, he stated that “he is not sure if he has ever seen him smile!” then he explained how one day He (the best man) was down on his luck, he chatted to simon and he was handed a set of keys for a place to live, until he was sorted! It goes to prove to me really, that you don’t have to be a grinning fool like myself to be a kind person! Anyway back to this Leicestershire Wedding, that skip’s counties to Warwickshire, to the impressive Mythe Barn, the lovely friendly staff and beautiful food!I have captured a number weddings here, but non have had comedians as entertainment! I have to say the trio, they booked in for their wedding, were absolutely brilliant! I hope you love this set, My personal favourite is the son, I wasn’t go to supply this image, but I can not help but smile, when I see It! Thank you for checking out my Blog. I hope 2016 is a safe, happy and fun one for you!
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