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Romance, Glitter, and Explosions of Colour: Top Wedding Photography Trends You’ll Likely See This Summer

Article by Lee Glasgow

This summer’s hottest trends are all about explosions of colour, sparkling effects, fun, and romance! This summer’s weddings are going to be trendier than ever before with the promise of amazing photos blowing up our social media feeds. It’s not enough to just have an unforgettable wedding; you need unbelievable photos capturing all the magic of the day. Here are the top wedding photography trends you’ll likely see this summer.

Smoke Bombs, Sparklers, and Explosions of Colour

Creating fun and magical photos is what this summer’s weddings are all about. The best way to achieve this look is by using explosive accessories. Smoke bombs create unbelievable photo moments shrouded in glorious colour. Smoke bombs matching the wedding colour palate create a one-of-a-kind photo.

Night-time weddings aren’t complete without glittery sparklers. Not only are these mini fireworks fun and surprisingly safe for all party guests, they sprinkle glitzy magic into the wedding like never before. Many bridal parties like to do “send-offs” with twinkling sparklers, and they create great lighting for photos.

No wedding photo album is complete without some sort of explosion of colour. Throwing colourful chalk dust, rainbow confetti, and glowing fountain lights all create this gorgeous effect for unforgettable wedding photos. These explosions create a natural frame for photos, focusing in on the romance and the moment.

Animals and Pets

One of the more unique wedding trends we will see this summer is the use of fun, cuddly, or even exotic animals to liven up photos. We may see bridal parties snuggling up to alpacas creating an adorable and hilarious photo shoot. Brides and Grooms everywhere love having their pets as a part of their big day, creating adorable, picturesque memories. Sometimes a pet will even “announce” the engagement with a cute sign posted on social media. Others may literally ride off into the sunset on the back of a beautiful horse, creating a most romantic sendoff.

Drone Footage and Photo Booths

There is no better way to “do” wedding photography than by sharing with everyone. Amazing video drone footage of living moments during weddings creates an amazing way to relive the special day. Photo Booths are featured in weddings everywhere because they are inexpensive to rent and create fun memories for all the wedding guests to take home. Drone video footage and photo booth pictures are sure to be the highlight of wedding albums.

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