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Ria & Tom’s Ashton Lodge Country House, Warwickshire Wedding

Article by Lee Glasgow

Ria & Tom beauty comes in many forms, silly red hair, stupidly tall people fall into this category! Weddings can be an emotional roller coaster, It keeps me in a job I love! Your story was beautiful, there is extreme sadness also, this is part and parcel of family life! But wow your wedding was what you deserved, bloody great fun! and the Krispy creme donuts, was a just the icing on the preverbal cake! adamTHOMAS I love you guys, yet again delivering a superb set, that got the party moving! Ashton Lodge you delivered a fabulous wedding venue!People say to me “I want fun images” and I say “but your not fun people” Im a 45 chubby mid life crisis, married man, with two teenagers, what do I know about having fun! My photography feeds off my couples personalities, I search hard at every venue for photographic opportunities, when a couple embrace me and the Idea that a wedding should be bloody good fun from beginning to end, the images always reflect that atmosphere!
Their Wedding flowed perfectly/seamlessly, a wedding isn’t about photography or out of date rules of what to do or not to do! Its about drowning in the atmosphere of your loved ones, two families coming together and enjoying the celebration! pretty much what this wedding did!

What they thought!

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