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Leah and Martyn at Boughton House and Kelmarsh Hall Northamptonshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

Some weddings I get invited to one grand venue, but for this wedding Martyn and Leah invited me to two of Northamptonshire’s finest, Martyn’s family have a history at Boughton House, and wanted to nip there for a few images as this stunning location has many childhood memories, when you first set eyes on this venue you can not help but be in awe of its grandeur, it was a dream to photograph around its many features! Alot of Les Misérables was filmed there, i was told it was an awesome spectacle, with Russell Crowe and cast in full costume with movie lights and smoke billowing on the set! we then made our way to their wedding reception at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire. I simply love this venue, it’s rooms and architecture are simple beautiful, but for me it’s the friendliness of the staff that I love, from the first greeting you know it’s going to be a wonderful wedding celebration. Martyn and Leah came to me via two recommendations, so I felt pressured to not let my couple down, yet again I won the lottery with respects to the Wedding Guests as they were perfect, we had a few little group shots, and then into the wedding spirit, allowing me to capturing the guests, while the new wedding couple went off to socialise and enjoy their wedding in this perfect English setting! I talk a lot about perfect wedding couples, and Martyn and Leah fit that title perfectly, I ask only one thing from my wedding clients and that is they work hard at being content, allowing them to soak in their wedding atmosphere, and these two did exactly that! Thank you for the recommendations and thank you for trusting me to capture your wedding story!
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