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Laura and Morgan’s Wedding at Mythe Barn in Warwickshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

Laura Hughes and Morgan
Well Hello Mythe Barn, it’s me again, I promise i will try and behave this time! Today’s wedding blog is about the wedding of Laura and Morgan! I always approach this stylish wedding venue in Warwickshire with a fresh look every time I drive down the beautiful driveway, I say a little hello to the sheep and get ready to meet a whole new family and capture a wedding in the best way I know how! I greeted Laura, her friend and her mum in the car park and carried some bags for them, I was trying to give the illusion that i was a modern man! I think my cover was blown when I asked the Mum if she was the brides sister, she gave me that look, as if to say, you’re so full of Cr@P arn’t you ! I do love my Job, especially when my couples are so content as Laura and Morgan, this ingredient is so important in having a perfect wedding! Laura from the very start of her day was content, she was utterly excited at the prospect of her wedding day that was ahead of her! The superb florist Garden Rose arrived with a collection of flowers, that were as usual, perfect! Jess and her team at Garden Rose are my number one choice for professional florists, not just because of the flowers, the whole aspect of how they run their business impresses me! The Wedding day did what wedding days do. Great wedding days for me, have a lovely flow about them, I really like to get in tune with this flow as I believe if the wedding guests are fed watered and comfy then capturing them relaxed and happy is pretty easy, I learn’t along time ago that all a camera does is reflect whats in front of it, so the skill is to help create the environment and then capture it! amongst these images was an adorable couple of a certain age, that I forced to have a little romance, I love doing this, I guess deep down I wish I had images of my Grandparents! Back to the Bride and Groom, I truly could not have asked for more, they were an absolute joy to capture, the love between them was so apparent! Myth Barn’s staff did what the do best, they delivered another beautiful wedding, the day was finished

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