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Jonny and Cocoa’s wedding at The City Rooms Leicester in The East Midlands

Article by Lee Glasgow

My penultimate wedding of 2015 was at The City Rooms in Leicester in the heart of the East Midlands!i loved this wedding for a number of reasons, now Jonny and Cocoa went with the idea for meeting before the wedding for some group images and some couple wedding Portraits, this freed up time later for them to enjoy their guests! It also was a truly relaxed atmosphere, no stress, just warm sweet tea and lots of fun! The City Rooms is a stunning City centre wedding venue, but because of this sometimes you have to think outside the box if you want a little Greenery in your wedding images. I already knew a few of the wedding party and I knew have lovely they were, so the pre wedding meet up at Abbey Park in Leicester was really relaxed and it released me to capture some images Im really proud of! This lovely couple were simply perfect to photograph, from beginning to the end they trusted me to do my thing and gave me the time to do it! I have to say the more time you invest and think about location really pays off! What a bonus to capture Jonny’s Grand parents for them, it really makes me happy! I love these type of images as I know the true value of them! I love being a Wedding photographer in the East Midlands as it’s rich in Wedding venues, to suit a whole range of wedding couples! If you would like any help with planing your wedding give me a shout!

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