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Jean and Chris Wedding at Market Bosworth then onto the Sketchley Grange in Burbage Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

This little wedding came via a previous wedding, which is always nice as it means someone likes me and if you read my past blog post you will know I’m a very needy wedding photographer! Jean and Chris were an absolute delight, from the moment i observed them stealing wine bottles for their table display a few weeks before their wedding I knew this couple and me were going to get on just fine! I always try and find out the story behind the wedding, the logistics, the people, I think it might be because I’m a nosey person! Now I love the Sketchley Grange, but I have to be honest , I need to visualise images, but all I need is a little forward thinking, we are in the heart of the midlands, there is so many locations within a a few minutes drive, it would be a crime not to utilise that! I guess thats what separates me from so many other photographers, as old as I am ;@> I’m absolutely passionate about my work, I have to be, my family selfishly spend money, and because of this I have to earn it ! Now back on Jean and Chris’s Wedding, we had a chat about the logistics, and these words came out of the brides mouth and I about fainted!“my parents own the farm opposite the Church” now Im 47 so using OMG is socially wrong! But I did get a little excited, as I knew it would make the images so bloody lovely and It would mean an awful lot to the family, as they grey up here! Ok Im boring myself now, I do hope you love these images, look at the expressions, this is how you should fell on your wedding day! If you are or know anyone getting married, please give me a shout, as I love to talk through a wedding to make it fun and stress free, I am bonkers but I’m professional too, I promise lol x