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It’s your wedding

Article by Lee Glasgow

This short Wedding blog post is probably the closest to my heart post I have ever done.
As I have grown as a photographer of people over the last 12 years, I have seen many photography trends come with some of them being really clever and take practice and skill to pull them off in great way.

The one thing that has never gone out of fashion is, love, connections between love ones, these if in anything grow in value not go out of fashion.

Weddings for me is relaxation, is releasing time for people to connect.

I want to get beautiful images of you, your love ones. I have an internal fight to capture these as I know the value.

My top tip is, minimise group shots (Although I still value a few of these) but think about moments with the key people, I love the thought of taking a stroll around the corner with a Grandparent/Parent/Best Friend away from the “people you had to invite” and watching you communicate, catch up share this life together, Celebrating this beautiful Wedding.