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Holly & Haythem Nailcote Hall Wedding in Warwickshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

I am a little excited at writing this little summary of this fabulous couples wedding at Warwickshire’s Nailcote Hall! Why? just one word really! LOVE! I had never met the soon to be married couple before their wedding day, so I had no Idea what to expect! Was holly going to be a Bridezilla was my hilarious mannerisms going to fly over their heads! All contact I had before the wedding was with Holly’s mum. I have just received a thank you email from the couple, it is such a lovely one, I will place it on my website after this! soooooooo where do I start! I have to start with the her fathers, Hollie had two dads for her wedding day, she had her Dad and her step dad, the relationship between these two men was simply perfect! in the wedding speech, the brides dad mentioned that her step dad was every inch the perfect dad and he would like to thank him for his part in bringing up his beautiful daughter! Her mum cried with happiness as this was said. In fact most of the room did! when people are mature and unselfish, even from broken marriages moments of pure love can blossom! it was simply perfect! Of all the items you can bring to a wedding love and contentment simply win every time! I always mention to couples that wedding photography is about documenting the Wedding, now most of the images I show are portraits, I am very aware of this, when in fact most of my images are documentary, but I do like the challenge of taking two camera shy people and giving them an experience that they absolutely love and even better they look at images of themselves and are proud to have them! Why ? because they are relaxed, confident extremely happy! Part of my recipe is to work fast, I would love to have a couple for an hour or more to photograph, but its their wedding not a photoshoot, I don’t think I have ever had more than 30 minutes with a couple! when I hear stories of couples being whisked of for 90 minutes for their photographs, I have to wonder what the bloody hell they are doing! wedding couples need to be with their wedding party, drinks in hands and relaxing! Group shots? of coarse but not a million! Aim for half a dozen and you won’t go far wrong! Remember the camera just reflects what it see’s, so if you having an amazing day, the camera just reflects that! soooooooo enough of my patronising rubbish back to the wedding! Well the wedding just flowed, it was so like many other weddings, filled with characters! it even had a the lead guitarist from The Streets a fab quirky indie/rap band (thats my musical review done) What really hit me about this wedding was the Love in these two families, Haytham had two or three brothers (I forget how many as I’m a little dim) but during the speeches, the Love and emotions overflowed between them! I almost shouted “get a room” but it was so nice to hear and see this very special family bond! Holly and Haythem your Warwickshire wedding rocked, you two were simply a delight to photograph! and as for your kind words! Thank you so much, it means an awful lot x
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