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Georgina & Anthony’s Croft Hill Wedding Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

With all weddings where possible, I try and look at the locations and visualise how I can put an image together and how It will be lit, and then ask myself, is it logistical? Will it be in flow of the wedding day! At least the latter part of this method was thrown in the bin, when I decided to ask the couple if they wanted to walk up croft hill, which incidentally they can see their family home from. I scouted the area in the morning with my fab helper Rosie and ponded over the idea of asking them to walk to the top of this quarry. The winds were strong up there, but I really think it was worth a little effort, and now the couple that walk past Croft Hill in Leicestershire everyday will have a little smile, knowing they are probably the first ever wedding couple to have their wedding images taken up there!
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