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Gemma & Neil Wedding at Stubton Hall, Lincolnshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

First of all Stubton hall, wow, what a venue, Im not sure my words do it Justice, with it’s lovely park and gardens but for me the jewel in this crown is it’s elegant rooms! I can not sing this Lincolnshire wedding venue enough! Im sure the following images will hint of the luxury we shared at this beautiful wedding! Now onto the Bride and Groom AKA Gemma and Neil, grrrrrrrrr here comes the superlatives, in fact no, i’m not doing it!, just look at the images! Couples like Gemma and Neil make photographing a wedding so easy for me! Ok i’m going to let you into a secret, and it boils my blood to share this with you, but i’m not going to be called a Charlatan by Neil! I was in my photographic zone, seeing the light, composing the image creating the atmosphere on Stubton hall’s stunning staircase, and then “the Tiger” thats Neil’s Salesman persona pipes up “Lee this angle looks great on Gemma” and so it did! I don’t know why this couple booked me, i really wanted to throw the camera at him at mince off in a hissie fit! Thank you Newark for lending me this beautiful wedding venue. Gemma, Neil Thank you for being perfect, Im a little sad that I may never meet you again, I do hope that one day our paths will cross again, in the mean time, look after each other and treasure each other!
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