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Amy and Jonathan’s wedding at Hothorpe hall Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

So 2016 springs into action with my first wedding at Hothorpe hall in Leicestershire. Being British we all love a weather update and this day was good the sun was out, the air was fresh, but refreshing too! (this is not holiday brochure talk) I worked along side some fabulous supplies Fist of all there was our toastmaster a true gent, and has become a real close industry friend, there was my good friend Daniel creating their wedding video and music from the fab soooooo on to Amy and Jonathan’s wedding! the couple decided on two services, a small intimate one for close family and then another service for all their friends and family! I really enjoyed capturing their day as all the elements came together, Hothorpe just works as a wedding venue, it simply flows, and I loved grabbing the wedding couples guests, for images and capturing plenty of documentary wedding images along the way! It was a great wedding to get me back into the swing of wedding for 2016, if you are thinking of getting married, give me a call, to see what I can bring to your party! have a very happy and safe 2016

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