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A Little distraction from Weddings, The Victory show in Cosby Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

A little distraction from weddings, every year I get ask to photograph the victory show in Cosby Leicestershire, (The Show provides Historical Societies and re-enactments through various forces from several era’s and theatres during the period of 1939-45. From Airmen to Infantry)! Because of my wedding bookings I have always had to decline, last year though I had no weddings on that weekend, so I was able to capture the guests as they arrived for the evenings celebration, I had no Idea what to expect, but its fair to say I was blown away by the sheer vastness of the whole event and the talent and creativity of all those that attended! Photography is very much about ingredients, with no subject there is no picture! As these people entered the huge marquee, my jaw hit the floor, I was so excited that this wasn’t going to be a some normal night, In photography terms I felt like I had won the lottery (or at least a little win on a scratch card) They brought the ingredients in bucket loads! I brought my battered soft box light and a folded up backdrop that has been in my shed, now this back drop is amazing, I always think of a good image like a stage at the theatre or a painting, you have to have great foreground light, on a good subject and a back drop or lighting that separates it from the subject! this hand painted Muslin backdrop from seamless has simply been a legend, very little care is needed, it’s extremely hardy, and the effect it gives my images simple lighting just makes me very happy indeed! Im easily pleased I know! One of the lasting feelings I had about this show, was considering our nation was at war, they seemed to dress like legends, I felt very drab indeed in my jeans and shirt! I hope you love this little set of images and the little diversion from weddings! I hope 2017 is a happy one for you, but know matter what lets up our game on the style front !