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Stefannie and Jason Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Wedding

Article by Lee Glasgow

The Wedding season is rolling on and as I reflect on Stefannie and Jason’s Leicestershire’s Melton Mowbray, There are many Highlights that make me smile, I worked along side some of the closest of my industry friends.
So I arrive at this field with a Marquee in the centre, it looked like any other Wedding Marquee, that is until you walked in side, its roof and some sides were clear, as if made from glass! This made the inside of the Marquee, so bright, so clean, it really was quiet eye opening and hard to explain, but some of the wedding images will give you an indication of this stunning wedding venue.

Now this blog post is a bit of a roll call for wedding suppliers, but there is a few on here I simply love, and when I’m photographing a wedding and I see wedding companies that not only excel in what they do, but are also bloody lovey people, it really makes a difference.

I have photographed a number of people within the Brides social circle, so I knew it was going to be a relaxed day, The Bridesmaids/friends are such good fun.

The Bride Steffannie has a figure to die for and to see her in her wedding dress, supplied by was absolutely stunning I think ist’s fair to say that this beautiful bride is a little hard on herself, she is a typical woman that simply does not realise how beautiful they are!

You could tell that the Groom was absolutely besotted with his new bride and to see him relax as the day progressed was great, He would not leave the dance floor, guest came and went from the dance floor, but there he remained!

Steffanie and Jason were a Joy to capture and when the circle is completed with a wonderful thank you email, it really makes a huge difference, us creative’s are so needy!

I hope you love this wedding collection.

Ok lets get some of these amazing suppliers listed


Simply wow, his whole out look and presentation is wonderful to see, and we haven’t even tasted his beautiful food, Love this Guy.

Amazing wedding food to WOW your guests!


Now onto my wonderful bold headed friend his video of this wedding blew me away. Check it out!

<iframe src=”″ width=”640″ height=”272″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>


Wedding dresses (yes she had two) from the fabulous

Love these ladies, they have always supported my business and it’s a pure pleasure to see them, “Girls I love you, You rock”

The Wedding and its suppliers were put together by Addoevents

I think the results of the styling speaks for itself!