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Ellie & James Wedding Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

This January Winter wedding, was held at Northamptonshire!When I arrived at this stunning venue I was greeted my a glamorous girl tip toeing over the snow in her high heels, she mentioned how she has been following my work and that she had recommended me to the Bride, I now felt under pressure to deliver!
Ellie & James were the most gracious of couples, they simply wanted to enjoy their wedding day and were happy to pop off a couple of times to try and create some beautiful wedding images! Another fine set of family and guests that made this wedding a relaxing success!
I hope you like this little set, and if you are looking for fab wedding venue around northamptonshire, I would love to recommend Kelmarsh Hall, as apart from the venue, I found the staff brilliant people, really helpful, caring and fun, I do visit some venues and see some front of house staff with delusions of Grandeur, but ill gladly add this to my growing lists of recommended wedding venues! ps the food was delicious!

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