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Article by Lee Glasgow

Soooo its not an actual wedding, but it is mildly related, as these two boys are nephews to my very good friends the Souljers (Adam Thomas and the Souljers) A Brilliant alternative Wedding act!so Im going to call these the mini Souljers! Photography is great and you can do many things to make a shoot interesting, but a really important element for great images is ingredients, the more stylised you look, the more stylised the image will look, that just makes good sense!
This family photo shoot was perfect, it was held in my photographic studio in hinckley. These cool little mini Souljers, came with the look and the style, I just had to light them and encourage them to do their thing!
What ideas can you bring to me, for creating images that will look amazing!

001  Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A9619

002  Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A9638 copy

003  Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A9661

004  Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A9708

005  Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A9729

006  Lee Glasgow Photography 2I5A9793