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Creative and unusual wedding photography & Video ideas

Article by Lee Glasgow

Life is a movie…

…and your friends and family are the cast. Set up a camera or a tablet with instructions for each guest to record a short video clip. They can share marriage advice, tell a story, give a speech or just be silly. Talk to your wedding photographer about how other guests can be involved.

If you don’t want to spend money on a breezy tent, DIY your own video booth with PVC pipe and curtains, or craft a unique backdrop out of cardboard or chalkboard.

Later, edit your guests’ short videos together into a hilarious, heart-warming collage that will surely keep you entertained for years to come.

GoPro with the flow

We’ve all seen the video checklists that account for every wedding moment worthy of film.(Bride putting on the veil? Check. Cutting the cake? Check.) But what about all the other moments–the impulsive, unpredictable moments that could only happen at your wedding?

That’s where a GoPro comes in handy. It’s a small, durable camera built for action, and it can be mounted on anything from a bouquet to a whiskey bottle. The GoPro travels around the wedding and reception, capturing dynamic footage of the big day.

You’ll be surprised how at a GoPro video can transform your big day into an even bigger adventure

Presenting the past

Weddings are more than just romance, they’re tradition, and marriages unite not just spouses, but entire families. Honour the legacy of love in your family by posing with your parents’ wedding photographs.

Besides their vintage charm, the old family photos are a chapter in the continuing story of your relationship.

You can even take it a step further and recreate the photos–outfits, poses, and all. It’s a heart-warming tribute to the people who brought you and your spouse into the world where you met each other.

Happily ever after

bride and groom laughing

In ink and paper and imagination, good books form the foundation of many a lasting relationship. And who among us doesn’t dream of a fairytale wedding?

Bring the story to life with a literature-inspired wedding photo shoot. Scout out a whimsical forest or meadow. Dangle books from tree branches with fishing line for a fantastical effect.

Arrange a Lewis Carroll-esque tea party for the bridesmaid shoot. Re-imagine your wedding party as princesses, King Arthur’s knights, or whichever tale suits your fancy. Your photos will be beautiful and unique, and will double as artwork for your home.