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The Wedding of Stephanie & Sean, in Burbage Leicestershire.

Article by Lee Glasgow

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, Except for Lola, or in this case Stephanie and Sean, now as I edit their wedding images, I am transported right back to their wedding day, to the characters that it involved, I really want to show more & more, the natural emotion on the faces of the people that really count at a family wedding, its fair to say that this wedding party have had their fair share of challenges over the years and it was so nice to see the whole family there as one, supporting stephanie & sean on their wedding day. Out of all of these images, the one that strikes me the most is Stephanie’s Father, look how he clasps her hands, he is smiling from ear to ear, he looks though eyes closed, so proud, its written all over his face. Im not sure if its an age thing or my chosen career or a mix of both, but it certainly amplifies my thoughts, on the importance of love and family. Now enough of my sentimental rubbish, the Groomsman “Barking Mad” the Bridesmaids “Equally Barmy” in fact more so! The Bride & Groom off the scale on the insanity chart, now you may be thinking how rude, but as good friends of mine, believe you me, these two are refreshingly nuts, in fact, I would go as far as saying, every human being needs to have a Stephanie & Sean in their contact list.The Wedding Dress, & Hair Design was supplied by the lovely girls at Liney’s Brides, in Hinckley, Leicestershire. The Ceremony was at St Catherines in Burbage & the reception was at Stanton Lakes in Stoney Stanton. Stephanie and her new mum Shirley, Transformed this venue into a vintage wonderland, their hard work was appreciated by all of the wedding guest, I felt really chuffed for them that the sun shone beautifully all day & night allowing this wonderful couple to have the wedding they both thoroughly deserve. Sean & Stephanie, I wish you both a long lifetime of happiness, you are two of the most kindhearted yet slightly unhinged people I know, and you fit together so perfectly.

Burbage Wedding 1