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The Wedding of Nicola & John

Article by Lee Glasgow

Nicola & Johns Wedding at Moor Gall Hotel Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. For me this wedding had two contrasting people on one hand there is John a professional gamble for the past ten years and he certainly knows his job, he is a real man’s man with a hardcore set of mates and a heart of gold, and then there is Nicola a quiet, elegant, modest and a beautiful lady. Together they make a perfect team. Now heads up to any current or new clients, The couple tipped me £100 for my work on the day, I would appreciate it, if this could become the norm! ;@>  The singers in the images are called incognito and they do an operatic act, where they are secret waiters, they made the wedding breakfast electric, young and old cried and laughed, it truly was amazing.