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Paul and Nicola’s Wedding at The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa In Jamaica

Article by Lee Glasgow

Well a year has passed so quickly and as I relax in my garden with my wonderful wife and my good friends and neighbours Paul and Nicola, I am being quizzed why I never blogged about their Jamaican wedding 12 months ago, the truth is back in July last year I didn’t know which way was up, as I had a little spike in my bookings and I was playing catch up with my editing . Anyway I digress! I had the amazing experience in being asked to photograph their wedding in Jamaica at the The experience will, stay with me forever. The lighting the landscape, colours and even the weather was so atmospheric, simply beautiful. Nicola or Nic knock as I like to call her and Paul were a pleasure to capture and what made the whole experience so much more fantastic was Nic Knock was really worried about having her images taken, and afterwards she made a point of saying how chuffed she was and how confident she feels now because of it, but for goodness sake look at her, she is nothing less than stunning, as for Paul although he is an out and out Ginger :@) how suited do they look together, the build up to their Jamaican Wedding and the actual Wedding day was nothing short of stunning, it is what dreams are made of. We shared large rum cocktails and hot days in the various pools and if we needed it we would indulge in the spa’s and hot tubs. Please enjoy the images of Paul & Nick Knocks Pre Wedding shoot and Jamaican Wedding day, & please don’t hate me for having the best Job in the world.
Enjoy the video!

Grand Palladium Jamaica wedding