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My Day out to Balscote Press, Banberry, Oxfordshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

To Watch Small Video CLICK HERE

Year on year I want to modify, improve and perfect my little business always from the floor boards up, keep revisiting the way i do and present things to my clients. So this little visit is to Balscote Press in Banbury, Oxfordshire today, was to oversee my little marketing CD Wallets being printed on their funky vintage letterpress machine. Watching brian use his knowhow to produce the finished article, was an absolute joy, I could not help but to take a little footage so I can give you a taste of my little marketing wallets being produced! If you are getting married and would like to receive my new Portfolio CD, please fill out the contact form. If you fancy some Handmade Letter Pressed wedding invites ect on various stocks, Give Balscote Press a call!