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Martyn & Gemma’s Leicestershire Wedding at Wistow

Article by Lee Glasgow

Every now and again, two lives collide creating a Love that was so powerful, so unexpected but so needed! What a pleasure to see my good friend find “The One” but to see him change overnight into the man we see before us, is entirely down two the chemistry between these two! their wedding was exactly what I bang on about, it was their perfect day! a few romantic images of themselves in the morning, at an old walled garden in Wistow in Leicestershire (at the back of a garden centre), the Bride wearing her grandmothers vintage dress. a romantic walk to the local Church! Then off to the local pub for fish and chips over a few cheeky drinks, while they were treated to an acoustic guitar set by a family friend and the beautiful voice of her Bridesmaid! It doesn’t get more relaxed than this! You can see the emotion as they sit and listen to the opening song and equally see the simple love as they share a bag of fish and chips! Your wedding does not have to be expensive or grand to be beautiful, in fact this proves that keeping it simple creates a relaxed, emotional atmosphere of intimacy and pure enjoyment! Look after each other, and when times are tough look over these images and remember that the relationships that are kept simple are the relationships that last! At Wistow, Leicestershire
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