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Lizzie and Dan, Woodlands Hothorpe Hall Leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

Lizzie and Dan chose the beautiful Woodlands wedding venue and Hothorpe hall Leicestershire. Now many wedding couples have themes for their weddings and this soon to be married couple were no different, but their theme was truly different! “Steam Punk” cogs, gears, hot air balloons, Science fiction meets steam powered machinery! You will see these elements in their wedding images. But you will also see the stunning scenery of Hothorpe’s woodland wedding venue! The Wedding details were absolutely wonderful and sat along side this Woodland Wedding venue perfectly. The Children looked so stylish at this wedding and the best man rocking it in his black leather kilt just added to this funky little wedding! Lizzie and Dan, brought the ingredients for their wedding and on the day they wanted to relax and enjoy their friends and family. Hothorpe did what it does, which is deliver relaxing weddings in a beautiful relaxed environment!