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Katherine & Robert’s Wedding at the Warwick Arms Hotel, Warwick

Article by Lee Glasgow

Some Weddings just have that certain something, I really, at the moment can not put my finger on it, but after the viewing, I just had with Katherine & Robert their wedding certainly had it, in a lot of respects it was a small to medium wedding in a simple yet beautiful relaxed location, all the piece’s slid together perfectly. The Staff at the Warwick Arms Hotel, Warwick were so friendly, they treated me as a guest and when the guest’s were eating, I found the hotel had a core group of managers and staff that bond so well as a team, making it a joy to be there. The small walk to Pageant House, Warwick for their Wedding Ceremony was refreshing and gave way for a superb opportunity to get some flowing relaxed images. Look at Katherine, Look at Robert they made my Job easy, Katherine looked Jaw dropping, elegant personified! The Make-up artist, Hair Stylist and Dress Makers did Katherine proud! and Robert looked stylish in his tweed suit, he really did look cool. Even the overcast day was on my side, the light was beautiful, I would like to thank the young lady that helped be with my lighting and I hope your enjoying your new title of “creative director” This Wedding can now be placed in my proud archives!