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A little wedding diversion photo shoot in hinckley leicestershire

Article by Lee Glasgow

I would like to share an Image, I created with a very special story and with some very special gratitude attached to certain people!
First of all I would like to thank a local portrait photographer, that creates stunning one off portraits, Christina Lauder for her unselfish sharing of ideas and techniques. Christina shares the same belief as myself which is quality always come first, if you believe that all photographer are the same, then you may want to give your little eyes a rub!

A Little Story behind the image! (not to be secretive but i can not tell the full story because of data protection)

All the years I have worked at other companies, I have never cried with happiness because of the work I was producing, but I did while editing this little man.
(I realise i’m not helping my camp image).

I guess the close bond I have with my own children, and the knowledge that this amazing family, children included, make room and sacrifices to give another child a fighting chance in this world, makes me so grateful to have these people in my life.

Inspirational and if you are American Awesome is vastly over used, but for me, this family and others like them are truly inspirational.