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A beautiful intimate wedding at Ettington Park Stratford Upon Warwickshire

Article by Lee Glasgow

So on we march into 2015 and off to I go, this was a soft start to this new wedding season with a lovely wedding with 8 people in attendance, they all flew over from Switzerland, because they loved the Architecture and the Grandness of Ettington Park Hotel, they sure picked an Ideal day/ location, as I drove to this Warwickshire Wedding venue I went through sleet, rain, wind and flooded roads, but as if from a Biblical story, the sun came out and the light or me was perfect for photography. I think its fair to say Andrea and Sam were a reserved couple, The Groom more so than his new Bride, but those that know me, know that if you are shy, or feel that you hate having your image taken, I’m the man for the Job! Im a self professed thicko ! My schooling was an embarrassment, but in an odd turn of fate, this works to my advantage, because unlike some creatives, I love people, even the grumpy ones, I seem to have lost my embarrassment gene, Im not sure if people feel sorry for me, but they do seem to relax in my company! This Beautifully quirky couple, brought to the table, their style ,their beautiful personalities, the location, some time, and their willingness to trust me! I asked them why they chose myself over the huge competition thats in the wedding photography market place, the reply made me glow, please excuse this moment of trumpet blowing! ” your images have a certain style that just stand out, the people in the images, look like they are so relaxed, and are having so much fun” I hope you love these images from my first wedding of 2015, in the beautiful landscape of Warwickshire
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