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Claire & Jonathan’s wedding at the Priest House, Castle Donnington

Article by Lee Glasgow

This wedding for me had some magical moments, the characters really stood out for me and the images just seamed to flow, This was Claire & Jonathan’s wedding at the Priest House Hotel in Castle Donnington, Derbyshire! Going through the wedding images one by one, really illustrates what a fun atmosphere this Derbyshire wedding was. The first image really makes me smile, the Brides Dad chasing after his daughter, trying to keep the veil from flying away in the wind, I simply love it. Moving onto the second image, Claire’s Grand Father, absolutely soaking in his granddaughters wedding! Image number 3 is one of my classic posed wedding shot, mixed in with stunning location and the dramatic skyline. image number four is the classic Lee Glasgow PPT technique (pose & Pi@% take) I want fun images, so it makes sense to evoke that emotion, I think that is what separates me from documentary wedding photographers, is that I like the fun in the wedding and I like to show people that the tenseness and tradition that can sometimes creep into a wedding can be easily dispelled with a burst of laughter! Finally image number 5 that is posed to show of the early evening landscape. I hope you love this little collection of this Priest house wedding, please subscribe to any new posts by clicking on the small orange logo at the top right of the page.
bride losing veil in the wind

Brides grandfather

bride and groom laughing

bridal image priest house castle donnington derbyshire

bridal image priest house castle donnington derbyshire