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Mythe Barn Wedding for Rachael and Guy

Article by Lee Glasgow

Every time I sit down to write a wedding blog post, I worry about writing original content, I don’t want to bore you with superlatives, of “how lovely” the couple were, or what a “stunning dress” the bride was wearing, I want to stay original and I strive to make every wedding unique, If I was to go back to my very first mission statement, it was to not become a conveyor belt wedding photographer, that repeats the same thing time and time again! I chose to work for myself for all the right reasons, to rid myself of routine and not toeing the corporate line, I want to have fun in everything I do! So this brings me to Guy and Rachel’s wedding at Mythe Barn in Sheepy Magna, Warwickshire. This wedding for me was as much about the guests as the couple, I also think I was inspired by a photographer friend of mine, that I look up to for many reasons, Kevin Mullins, he has recently inspired and rejuvenated myself and my photography! Please take a minute to look at each image and see the people in the images, what characters, what expressions, this for me is what photography is all about, from the young to the not so young, not forgetting the fabulous Michael Jackson tribute, even thou I’m not sure he was impressed, with my saying he looked nothing like Vanilla Ice ! Guy and Rachel set the scene, they allowed me to do my thing, and I’m looking forward to them having a life time of wedding memories, when their images are delivered tomorrow! Top tip to my future couples, sometimes its best to let your wedding flow and the images to appear, instead of forcing them. Thank you both for trusting myself to capture your wedding day, have a beautiful life together.
grandparents in love at mythe barn warwickshire

bridesmaids at mythe barn warwickshire

marrioke at mythe barn warwickshire

cute page boy at mythe barn warwickshire in the ceremony room

michael Jackson tribute at mythe barn warwickshire

Mythe Barn Wedding Venue 2I5A9630

cute girl mythe barn warwickshire

catching up at mythe barn warwickshire

bridesmaids at mythe barn