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Sophie & Charles Leicestershire Wedding

Article by Lee Glasgow

Sometimes I read, photographers posts, mine included and think are all weddings amazing? are the couples and guests always perfect? do we hype up our blog posts to give this illusion of magic and wonder?I have to say, I have never been to a bad wedding, I have enjoyed every single wedding I have been too, this is the truth, Some weddings for me do shine a little brighter than others, all I can put this down to is the ingredients at the wedding, a big part of this is the wedding couple’s ability to let go and enjoy this day as if its the last party they will ever have! So onto Sophie & Charles’s wedding at Ullesthorpe court hotel near Lutterworth, All I can really say is these two don’t need alcohol or drugs, in fact whatever they are on, I want some! They are buzzing with whatever life can give them, and this manifested itself big time on their wedding day! lets start with checking out the grooms speech! Charles was the perfect Groom! His attitude towards the day! his emotions, yes we had many tears and we had loads of laughs! Sophie, well this is the type of bride my wife would call a “Biatch” as I’m editing, because she is dead drop gorgeous and it really is impossible to take a bad picture of her! (very much like my wife!) see what I did there?)) Yet again I fitted perfectly into the wedding party & they accepted me as their extra guest. I hope you enjoy the images along with the extra tearful video of when Sophie’s father see’s his baby girl in her wedding dress for the first time! enjoy charles’s video too.

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leicestershire wedding

Leicestershire wedding photographer

Leicestershire wedding photographer

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