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The Warwickshire wedding of Matt & Rebecca at Mythe barn, Atherstone.

Article by Lee Glasgow

This wedding was certainly was an international wedding with family and guests coming from all over the world including Australia to support Rebecca & Matt on their wedding day at Mythe Barn, near Atherstone in Warwickshire. It was such a relaxing wedding everything flowed, as a Wedding should be, Matt & Rebecca were an absolute joy to photograph as they were so easy going, for me the star of the day was Rebecca’s mum, she was a self confessed nightmare when having her picture taken, but hand on heart she was wonderful and the images we captured, I really love. As I was drafting this blog post, I was shown of a poem that the Brides dads had written many years ago, that was going to be read out during the speeches, unfortunately he sadly passed away recently and I know the speeches are going to be emotional, especially because Rebecca had no idea that her father had written quite a collection of poems. the poems dare I say quite deep and dark in places, yet I found them really beautiful, here is an extract from one.
Please don’t mock what I do,

the world is mad & I know more than most.

but yet will love to prove your faith in me,

loving you only, needing to learn & reach, Leaving you free but tied, coming to you with a quiet soul, wise peace,

our love, In your eyes when I look, sad winds, sad time, A world without God, Can not keep us apart,

Dust off your love, and return it to me!

I felt really welcomed by all of the guests and the team at Mythe barn, which really makes my job easy, the weather behaved itself when it needed to, helping me capture some great images of a beautiful international wedding. The evening drifted into a fab party with many guests on the checkered dance floor, enjoying the wonderful sounds, given to them by Matt