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Wedding Photography for Stubton Hall, Nottinghamshire

Every once in a while, as a wedding photographer, you walk into a venue and know that you’re going to get some amazing images. Stubton Hall, just outside Newark on the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire border, is one of those places.

Outside, there are 24 acres of park and gardens, and they are gorgeous. The manicured gardens include a massive water feature leading up to the 19th century manor house. This is the perfect spot for photos of any bride and groom, bridal party, or all the guests. But at Stubton, it isn’t all prim and proper gardens, though. The acres and acres of parkland give you a chance for more rustic set-ups, with flowering meadows, old growth trees, and even a bit of wildlife.

Of course, as beautiful as it is outside, the real beauty of Stubton Hall is inside. When I photographed Gemma and Neil’s wedding there, I was really spoilt for choice. You only need to look at the photos of Gemma on the grand staircase to see how perfect this venue is for wedding photography!

Stubton Hall: a Wedding Photographer’s dream

It seems that every time you think you’ve found the best room, you walk into the next one and fall in love all over again. The owners of Stubton Hall have furnished and finished the entire venue perfectly, with a mix of antiques and newer pieces. When it’s hired out for a wedding (they always give exclusive use, so you get the whole place to yourself), this mix of styles works perfectly with any extra decorations for the big day.

My experience of Stubton Hall is that there are no bad places for wedding photographs. The light in every room is perfect, though in different ways. This means you can get a wide variety of styles from one place – something you don’t come across very often. It’s a place that looks like it was built to be photographed, and one that is a joy to work in.

If you’re planning a wedding and want to know more about Lee Glasgow wedding photography or why I think Stubton Hall is a wedding photographer’s dream, give me a call!

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