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I will keep this short, as we are really not that interesting and hopefully you are more interested in our wonderful Magic Mirror,
Snap Print Share is owned my myself Lee Glasgow a camp wedding photographer www.leeglasgowphotography.co.uk and Lloyd Godsall A not so camp IT Nerd and All round kind of person, in fact Im not sure what he does! The Magic Mirror will bring a lot of fun to events! Our aim has always been about quality and reliability!


It’s the next generation of photo booth, its interactive, comes with fabulous props, it prints, it even shares to your social media sites.
There is also a snack machine option ;@>! The Magic Mirror Is set up in minutes, so no interruption at you wedding or corporate event,
it also takes up less floor space than a conventional photo booths, ideal for small to medium size venues! Our Magic Mirror Is affordable, Value for money for the entertainment it provides! https://www.snapprintshare.co.uk/

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