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This weekend’s Wedding Show in Twycross, Warwickshire

Posted on by admin
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This weekends wedding show was organized byWow Wedding shows at an unusual wedding venue which is Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire. As usual, I’m going to be totally honest with you! I really didn’t hold out much hope for this show for a couple of reasons. Firstly I’ve never attended a ‘WOW’ Wedding Show before and secondly, the idea of a Zoo as a wedding venue didn’t seem to sit easy in my mind. However, I’m pleased to say that I was wrong on both counts! As soon as I arrived at Twycross Zoo, the organisers of the WOW Wedding Show helped me to unpack my car and walk me to my stand. With all the organising they had to do, I was genuinely impressed that they cared enough to stop and help me. Upon walking into the main restaurant at Twycross Zoo, you could not help but be impressed with the design layout, the quality of the build, fixtures and fittings and huge glass windows placing you in the centre of the zoo’s enclosure. Various animals were in, what can only be described as, touching distance. The Wedding Show was busy, with a good number of wedding couples interested in looking at the various wedding suppliers. I really felt looked after by the event’s organisers, so thank you for that! I was extremely pleased that I attended their Wedding Show and I am looking forward to their next one in October. As for Twycross Zoo being suitable for a wedding venue, well this is my take on it. Different? Yes! Unusual? Yes! As a contemporary Wedding Photographer, I search for fantastic lighting and areas of creative interest in which to place my wedding couples, in a natural stylised way. This venue is bursting with the right ingredients! One of the main wedding rooms I visited really excited my interest, because of the huge glass windows stretching all the way down one side. It would create some beautiful Wedding Ceremony pictures. The room is uniquely designed and would make for some really fresh and modern wedding images. I would love to make use of the main hall with all of its design features but most of all, I would be excited to see this place come alive in the evening with its ambient lighting! All in all I would recommend Twycross Zoo, not only to wedding couples but also to visitors as a whole, This zoo has moved on. It’s not the musty, old fashioned place I expected, but modern and fresh. It couldn’t get any more contemporary if it tried! Plug over :@) Check it out for yourselves.

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