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The impressive Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire

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coombe abbey warwickshireI had a lovely meeting with Emma and Paul at the impressive Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire. Now impressive it is, but inside it’s dark. For me, this is actually no bad thing, quite the reverse! Instead of fighting with the lack of light by using flash photography and blasting all that beautiful atmosphere away, I’m going to enjoy working with it and letting all that atmosphere soak into my lens. Coombe Abbey is well worth a visit, as the interior is as impressive as the outside. There are woods, a moat and a lake, along with gardens and parkland. There are also designated BBQ areas for those warm summer days. Emma, like a good percentage of women, doesn’t feel comfortable with having her photograph taken, so it was great to hear her say that she really enjoyed her Engagement shoot. The key in creating relaxed images is to try and take the very ingredients away that make us feel uncomfortable. The first – the camera, and the second – putting the subject under the spotlight. The solution is simple. Have fun, create a diversion with conversation and chatting complete rubbish (I am particularly good at this!), get the job done and move on before they have a chance to remember that they don’t like having their image taken! I’m looking forward to capturing their Big Day and showing Emma that she is beautiful and that, on her wedding day, she will look amazing.

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