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Shelly and Gareth’s Engagement Shoot at One Hundred House Hotel in Shropshire

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My wedding season is creeping up on me and I don’t mind sharing a secret with you!, I’m a little excited mixed in with a few nerves, I have always put a great deal of pressure on myself to improve year on year, never to be complacent towards my methods or my quality. I work in a most fabulous industry where new photography talent is always popping up, reminding me, that now is the time to step up my game. I have just come back from the NEC Focus on imaging exhibition, full of energy and passion, but also with a hint of confusion, mainly which lighting techniques will I be adopting this season, sad as it is, this was a major stress point for me! So for therapy I sat down at my workstation (computer and empty tea cups) and started to edit Shelly and Gareth’s Pre wedding images that were taken at the Hundred House Hotel in Shropshire.
Yet again I met a young attractive couple that are completely oblivious to their good looks and charms, this is such a double edge sword, as a photographer I love to pull out the emotions from clients, really get them to be themselves. I love to see the surprise on their faces, when they do something they were dreading and before they know it, they are really enjoying themselves, Which then translates to ticking a massive tick, off their stress list on their wedding day. I always think thou, how can young people not see the beauty they have! (must be an age thing!) As a wedding photographer it is our Job to take stress out of weddings and give wedding couples the benefits of our experiences. I suppose I had better go back to my original point! All the above images were taken with natural day light, so here was I ,stressing about which lights to use or purchase this season and its been a complete waste of energy, because the best friend for a photographer is the light, all you have to do is go and find it! Shelly and Gareth will make a stunning wedding couple, that I am certain and the Hundred House Hotel in Shropshire will have a big part to play in creating them a beautiful set of wedding images and I’m looking forward to showing them off!

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