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Sarah and Michael’s wedding at Holdenby House Northamptonshire

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holdenby house

I quote The Smiths lyrics “the pleasure the privilege is mine” this is exactly my feelings about this wonderful celebration.
From the staff at Holdenby House in Northamptonshire, through to the evening guests, they looked after me and made me feel every bit a part of the wedding.
Now, I’m a good looking chap, looking pretty good for my age, but these guys made me sick, they all looked liked they have just stepped of the red carpet at Cannes film festival. Soaked in style and good looks.
Now I’m not blowing smoke, as remember I’ve already been paid ;@>
Sarah and Michael along with a few more worked their socks off to create a wedding that was a feast for the eyes, Sarah’s attention to detail was paid back tenfold, as the already stunning Holdenby House was embellished with all the ingredients that made this wedding a truly family affair with some very special friends, even to the point of Sarah using the Lace from her Grandma’s wedding dress as part of the table decoration. As for the confetti, well with around 100 guests each with around 1kg of dried rose petals, I’m shocked that any roses in Northamptonshire have any petals left. There was also some home made Sloe Gin that tasted devine, I was not given a bottle, but I’m hoping this will be rectified at the viewing!
Sarah and Michael, I loved “Being Your Bitch for the day”, and Gilly please can you send a big thank you to the staff and owners of this wonderful house for allowing me to do my thing! I hope one day I will be allowed back in ;@>

here is a link for the beautiful Holdenby House

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