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Heba and Ayad choose Moor Hall hotel in Sutton Coalfield for their Wedding celebration

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Heba and Ayad choose Moor Hall hotel in Sutton Coalfield for their Wedding celebrationAm I an international wedding photographer? Well apart from going to Jamaica to shoot a wedding in June, most of my weddings are in the UK but that a side, the last three weddings I have photographed, have most defiantly been international, I have photographed a Hindi Wedding in south port, A English C of E wedding in Warwickshire and A Iraqi Muslim Wedding in the West Midlands. Well they say variety is the spice of life, know wonder I’m loving my Job!
Heba and Ayad choose Moor Hall hotel in Sutton Coalfield for their Wedding celebration, I have to say I have never been to an Iraqi Muslim wedding and I make the distinction because although this is a Muslim celebration each of the middle eastern countries have their own way to party and celebrate their weddings. The transformation that took place in the wedding breakfast room was absolutely beautiful, the hard work made by the wedding party really paid off and certainly stood out for all the right reasons. After a traditional civil wedding ceremony the hotel exploded with Arabic dancers and music, this gave way to all the wedding guests suddenly coming to life and strutting their stuff on the dance floor, it started with the men linking arms and performing their traditional dance followed by all the guests, everyone seemed to have a part to play in the dance and it really was a sight to be hold. Every now and again the women would let out a high shriek of sound and this would be repeated by others around the room and the pitch was quite something to hear. There were many cultures invited to the wedding and this certainly added to the rich diversity and the fabulous colors and designs of the outfits. Heba looked absolutely beautiful, as a man can I mention the condition of her glowing skin?, oh well I have now!, she looked radiant and although she made me work for my money ;@) she looked after me throughout the whole day and made sure I was cared for and fed well, we had loads of laughs along the way, Heba you were a true pleasure to photograph and I’m so glad I chilled you out in my unique cheeky way! Ayad was a true gentleman, it’s fair to say he is a quiet man and I think he is going to have to be, being married to Heba! I can not finish this post without mentioning the wedding guests, they truly embraced myself and made me feel so welcome.

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